Radio Cloud Native: What is, and isn't, Docker | May 11, 2022

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Each week, Nick Chase, Director of Technical Marketing & Developer Relations, and Eric Gregory, Sr. Technical Writer, break down the interesting & impactful stories from across the cloud native technology landscape. This week, Eric & Nick dive into the news coming out of DockerCon, new developments at Google Cloud, and the latest in AI & quantum computing.

This weeks topics include:
0:00 – Introduction & Agenda
0:37 – Big news from DockerCon
1:56 – AI entering the realm of “public usage”
3:10 – Intel’s new AI/ML offering
7:58 – Google Cloud announces GA for TPU VMs
8:42 – Google buys MobileX, folds it into Google Cloud
13:07 – Eternal Security Corner: Updates within the NIST
16:16 – Palantir is back!
26:28 – IBM’s quantum scaling promise
34:48 – Whack-a-Doodle

Duration: 00:42:38
Publisher: Mirantis
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