#RagingWire Adds Megaport’s Network-as-as-Service Solution to Its ‘Cloud Connect’ Portfolio

RagingWire Data Centers, one of the largest wholesale data center providers in the world with a global network of 140 data centers in 20 countries and regions – operated by NTT Communications under the Nexcenter brand, has added Megaport’s global Software Defined Network (SDN) to RagingWire’s Cloud Connect portfolio of solution partners.

RagingWire’s data center customers would now be able to save time by accessing Megaport’s web-based portal to provision network services in seconds, rather than weeks, and scale bandwidth instantly to increase and decrease capacity as needed. Customers can also take advantage of Megaport Cloud Router (MCR) to create “high-performance” multi-cloud solutions without the need for their own infrastructure Point-of-Presence (PoP).

Data Centers

The Megaport ‘network-as-a-service’ solution is available at RagingWire’s massive data center campuses in Ashburn, Virginia; Northern California; and Dallas, Texas. RagingWire Data Centers supports large, wholesale deployments as well as high-growth multi-rack installations with “flexible configurations of dedicated and shared infrastructure, low-risk and energy efficient solutions,” including 100% renewable energy at all of its California data centers, and access to a global portfolio of data centers as part of the NTT Communications family of companies.

“We are excited to add Megaport to RagingWire’s Cloud Connect portfolio,” said Bruno Berti, Vice President of Product Management at RagingWire. “Together, we are achieving a significant milestone in the innovation of ‘cloud neutral’ services, to go along with the ‘carrier neutral’ services that have become an industry standard. Through Cloud Connect, our data center customers now have more options than ever to connect their companies to the best clouds in the world and quickly and securely deploy hybrid cloud systems and applications.”

RagingWire’s Cloud Connect portfolio enables customers to integrate public clouds with their enterprise applications running in RagingWire’s data centers. The cloud connectivity is secured and the cloud capacity would be easily provisioned, deployed, and scaled through a software-defined network (SDN) and portal.

Bandwidth Allocation, On-Demand Provisioning

Cloud Connect would provide a range of connectivity options and solution partners giving users greater flexibility to deploy the solution that is best for them today and in the future. Through these solution partners, RagingWire’s Cloud Connect would be able to offer dynamic bandwidth allocation, on-demand provisioning, flexible connectivity, and user-controlled management and reporting through an “intuitive” web-based interface. Connections to popular clouds such as Amazon Web Services (AWS Cloud), Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud Platform, and Oracle Cloud, as well as hundreds of other clouds and networks, are available as part of the Cloud Connect service.

“Enterprises must ensure that their cloud-enabled applications perform flawlessly. Customers using Megaport’s SDN, in combination with RagingWire’s world-class data centers, will benefit from next-generation hybrid cloud solutions with secure and direct interconnection to public Cloud Service Providers with higher performance, lower latency, greater control, and improved uptime,” said Vincent English, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Megaport. “Partnering with RagingWire gives their data center customers multiple configurable bandwidth options that are optimized for hybrid multi-cloud deployments that are now the standard IT strategy.”