Rambus Unveils 5600 MT/s RCD Chip for DDR5 Memory

Chip and silicon IP provider Rambus is now sampling its 5600 MT/s 2nd-generation RCD (Registering Clock Driver) chip to the leading DDR5 memory module (RDIMM) vendors. This new level of performance would represent a 17% increase in data rate over the first-generation 4800 MT/s Rambus DDR5 RCD.

Rambus is able to offer 5600 MT/s performance with lower latency and power while optimizing timing settings for increased RDIMM margins thanks to significant advancements.

DDR5 memory incorporates additional intelligence into the DIMMs, allowing for up to four times the data rate and four times the capacity of DDR4 DIMMs while lowering power consumption and boosting memory efficiency. According to Rambus, these memory interface chips are essential for next-generation servers to achieve this new level of speed.

“Advanced workloads are driving an insatiable demand for greater memory bandwidth,” said Shane Rau, research vice president, Computing Semiconductors at IDC. “It’s essential that DDR5 ecosystem players like Rambus continue to raise the bar on performance to meet the rapidly rising needs of data center applications.”

DDR5 vs. DDR4

Despite the fact that DDR5 took a bit longer to develop than expected, the benefits of these next generation memory modules are significant. Higher maximum memory capacity per module and faster memory speeds are major benefits of DDR5. Based on its specs, these next generation memory modules are expected to deliver a larger jump ahead over DDR4 than DDR4 did over its predecessor.

“The RCD is a mission-critical enabler of DDR5 server DIMMs that provide the bandwidth and capacity needed in next-generation data centers,” said Sean Fan, chief operating officer at Rambus. “Achieving the 5600 MT/s data rate is the latest demonstration of our continued leadership in DDR5 memory interface products.”

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