Ramping up cyber security in uncertain times

Discover new ways to deliver secure working environments anywhere, including Sherweb’s Security Foundation Program assessment and consultative action plans.

What you will learn in this webinar

This webinar will provide a walkthrough of the Security Foundation Program, a demo of its assessment and important considerations for offering managed security.

Understand principle requirements of remote work
This is still a new reality, and while many have adapted, there are important needs to consider. Sherweb will explain what these are and how security is paramount.

How to overcome obstacles to offering security
Get practical advice on how to overcome the most typical obstacles to providing managed security and learn how Sherweb creates customized action plans for MSPs

Discover a new, easy way to assess cyber security
With the massive spike in cyber crime, it’s more important than ever to secure your customers. Sherweb created a program to help assess security posture with a well-researched, CIS Control-based questionnaire.

Duration: 01:04:03
Publisher: SherWeb
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