Rapid7 Rolls Out InsightCloudSec to Automate Continuous Cloud Security

Rapid7Rapid7 has recently launched its InsightCloudSec offering which is a fully integrated Cloud-Native Security Platform (CNSP). It would allow organizations to boost their cloud security programs via continuous security and compliance for complicated cloud environments.

The latest addition to Rapid7’s Insight Platform, InsightCloudSec integrates infrastructure entitlements management, cloud security posture management, and infrastructure as code capabilities of DivvyCloud that was acquired in May 2020 for $145 million, while Kubernetes security provider Alcide was acquired in January 2021 for $50 million.

As per Gartner, around 45% of IT spending on system infrastructure, applications software, infrastructure software, and business process outsourcing will be transferred from traditional solutions to the cloud by 2024. Businesses would require single, comprehensive security solutions that can help them boost their cloud adoption safely and swiftly without any compromises.

Rapid7 is providing a single solution for protecting cloud and container environments from misconfigurations, threats, violations, and identity challenges by integrating posture management, infrastructure-as-a-code, Kubernetes protection, and infrastructures entitlement management.

Alcide and DivvyCloud Acquisitions

Talking cloud security forward, InsightCloudSec would aid DevOps and Security teams to shift left, minimize the noise and simplify the complexity of multi-cloud and Kubernetes environments. It would also automate the workflows to speed up remediation and apply cost-saving efforts. Apart from the mentioned features, InsightCloudSec also offers:

  • Infrastructure-as-code templates to address risk early in the CI/CD pipeline
  • Unified visibility and robust context over multi-cloud environments to prioritize, analyze, and remediate issues as soon as they are spotted
  • Automated Workflows to help organizations in gaining maximum efficiency and focus on the foreseeable future

The Chief Innovation Officer at Rapid7, Lee Weiner, said that businesses are getting more and more dependent on the cloud to drive digital transformations and innovation. He added that security teams must be able to maintain a comprehensive security strategy that makes sure their data and resources are properly secured while operating in highly complex cloud environments. He ended the statement by saying that InsightCloudSec brings together the tools required in an integrated solution so that the customers can focus their efforts more on other important things.

Senior Vice President’s Take

Photo Brian Johnson, senior vice president of cloud security at Rapid7
“As attack surfaces rapidly expand, teams are managing dozens of security tools. However, this approach is often overwhelming and distracting,” said Brian Johnson, senior vice president of cloud security at Rapid7.

Senior Vice President of cloud security at Rapid7, Brian Johnson, stated that as attack surfaces are expanding exponentially, teams are managing various security tools. He further said that this approach is overwhelming and distracting which makes it more difficult to cut through the noise and provide a solution for security issues swiftly. By integrating the cloud solutions provided by Alcide and DivvyCloud, InsightCloudSec offers a highly holistic, unified experience along with much-needed data context into their environments.

Mr. Johnson concluded by saying that the combination of these capabilities over the Insight platform will allow security teams to make faster, better, and more confident decisions.