RapidScale Launches Customer-Facing CloudUniversity

RapidScale, a provider of cloud hosting services, headquartered in Irvine, California, has launched CloudUniversity – an end-user cloud education platform, built for partners to inform their business leaders and IT teams interested in getting educated on cloud services.

cloud-hosting-universityThe core focus of CloudUniversity is to provide RapidScale’s partners with an educational platform for their customers and prospects. Furthermore, RapidScale will provide marketing and campaign materials for sales partners to utilize to connect with their customers and prospects. Sales partners can then engage in lead-generation to find new opportunities within their client base and prospects, as decision makers want to be educated on what the cloud is and the implications to their business.

RapidScale’s customer-facing CloudUniversity platform currently features 12 different courses that include topics such as Desktop-as-a-Service, What is the Cloud, CapEx vs. OpEx, Hosted Exchange and Private Exchange, and more.

CloudUniversity can be utilized by someone with any level of cloud knowledge, from using it as a refresher to advanced cloud knowledge. The goal is to inform and educate those interested in advancing their knowledge about the cloud. Furthermore, it would also be a good resource for non-IT staff who may be brand new to the cloud-computing model.

RapidScale is a channel-centric cloud services company and focuses on providing resources to its partners in order to generate cloud business.

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