RapidScale Unveils Managed SASE Solution

Rapid Scale - SASE

RapidScale, a Cox Business brand, has announced the launch of Managed Secure Access Solution Edge (SASE), its newest managed IT service. SASE offers ‘best-in-class’ cybersecurity to protect enterprises from network vulnerabilities, particularly for hybrid workforces.

Regardless of where they are working, employees are safeguarded by RapidScale’s Managed SASE solution, which integrates market-leading networking, cybersecurity, and identity components. Reduced latency between users, their data, and applications would enable users to work effortlessly from anywhere, at any time, on any device, and the solution aids organizations in addressing current and upcoming challenges.

Recognizing that some clients have already made investments in security and the cloud, RapidScale offers SASE in a distinctive way by offering the technical components a la carte so that businesses can customize the solution to meet their unique needs.

“SASE is quickly becoming the standard to protect and enable hybrid workforces. RapidScale’s solution provides an exceptional user experience regardless of where users are located. It also offers ease of scale so organizations can really plan for growth,” said Duncan MacDonald, Senior Director of Product Development at RapidScale. “The hybrid workforce is here to stay, so it’s critical for businesses to keep their data secure no matter where it is being accessed from or where it is hosted.”

Hybrid Cloud Deployments

Key benefits of RapidScale Managed SASE would include the following:

  • Reduced IT complexity and expense by combining many solutions into a single managed service
  • A-la-carte to accommodate clients that have previously invested in cloud services like identity management or SD-WAN
  • Decrease the complexity of decentralized data and apps by being location-agnostic
  • No matter where users are located, they will always have the same authentication experience
  • Direct access exposes vulnerabilities that are closed by enhanced edge security
  • Devices, users, and apps may be managed centrally using policies
  • Flexibility in security for hybrid cloud deployments and elasticity for architectures that can readily scale up to meet business demands
  • 24/7/365 U.S.-based support

“We recognize the rapidly evolving threat landscape our customers face at the edge, which is why cybersecurity continues to be at the forefront of our evolving cloud and IT portfolio,” said Duane Barnes, Vice President, and General Manager at RapidScale.RapidScale’s Managed SASE provides our customers an affordable, agile and simple solution to meet this challenge directly.”