RapidScale Unveils New Cloud Security Offering Powered by Imperva Incapsula

RapidScale, a provider of managed cloud services, has launched a new cloud security offering powered by Imperva Incapsula. RapidScale has added the Incapsula platform to its security portfolio to provide an inclusive, fully integrated solution that delivers website security and performance as a service. 

imperva incapsulaIncapsula incorporates DDoS protection, website security, load balancing and CDN solutions. It would allow organizations to simplify their IT operations and reduce costs by consolidating multiple services and appliances into a single enterprise-grade cloud service. 

“Continuing our best-of-breed strategy, we are very excited to announce our partnership with Imperva to provide Web Application Firewall and DDoS mitigation services to our customers,” said Duane Barnes, SVP Technology at RapidScale. “Imperva is consistently ranked as a top security vendor by the industry analysts, and we are proud to have them in our solutions portfolio. While many of our competitors are building their own platforms using hardware that simply doesn’t scale and lacks features, we are pushing forward with the Imperva Incapsula cloud-based security service to protect our customers from the largest volumetric attacks in real time.” 

This new addition to RapidScale’s cloud security offerings would help reduce the hardware and application management burden and offer businesses “powerful” tools that go beyond the capabilities of an on-premises solution.

“We are delighted that RapidScale has chosen to add the Incapsula service to its cloud security portfolio,” said Jim Welch, Vice President Cloud Security Sales at Imperva. “Website security is of utmost importance, and Incapsula not only provides comprehensive website protection, but it also allows for improved website performance with its powerful CDN and load balancing functionality.”

RapidScale has plans to add additional cloud security offerings in 2017, with a focus on analytics and advanced correlation.