Raritan, one of Legrand’s global data center brands, has introduced an intelligent electronic door access-and-control system that supports all types of data center cabinets and enclosures. The “easy-to-install” Raritan SmartLock system would safeguard the server cabinet – and its residing data – by managing the physical access to the cabinet and keeping a digital log of all activity.

Data center managers can – from anywhere, remotely – use the SmartLock system with its integrated intelligent door sensors to lock and unlock cabinet doors, check the status of a cabinet door, authorize user access, define alert settings, and generate a digital audit trail report.

“Raritan’s SmartLock solution is an economical way to shore up physical security inside the data center and address evolving security requirements for IT applications and regulatory compliance – such as HIPAA, SOX, PCI DSS 3.2, and SSAE 16,” said Paul Mott, Global Technical Product Manager at Raritan. “We designed SmartLock to support all types of data center enclosures and situations.”

raritan-smartlockRaritan SmartLock Features

Raritan’s SmartLock would install into any data center cabinet door, and “cost-effectively” leverage existing data center infrastructures – eliminating the cost to install a separate security system, wiring, and network cabling. The SmartLock accomplishes this by directly plugging into Raritan’s intelligent rack power distribution units (iPDUs) or EMX Smart Rack Controllers residing in cabinets – and integrating with their IP network and management dashboards.

The data gathered by Raritan’s SmartLock solution can be shared with existing data center systems – such as a Security, Building Management, or Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) system – to create a single point of control for all security and compliance-related data. ID badge credentials used with proximity card systems for building access, for example, can be used to establish access privileges down to the cabinet level.

If there is unauthorized access to a data center equipment rack, audible alarms and electronic alerts will notify appropriate parties. An image of the unauthorized person also may be sent with the alert, when Raritan’s USB camera is plugged into an iPDU.

Other Raritan rack security products include smart card readers for local authentication at the rack and Raritan’s Intelligent Asset Management solution that tracks when a server is added or moved in a rack.

Legrand is a listed company that reported sales of $6.2 billion in 2017. Since 2016, Legrand acquired fourteen companies including data center suppliers Borri (UPSs) and AFCO systems (racks, containment systems). The company’s portfolio of data center solution brands has grown vastly and also includes Minkels, a data center product vendor with offices across Europe which was acquired by Legrand in 2012. The data center market segment is currently representing revenues for Legrand in the range of $500-700 million, according to 451 Research.

Raritan SmartLock Availability

The SmartLock system is available worldwide in pre-configured packages – ranging from the entry-level SmartLock Basic kit to the SmartLock Advanced kit. All Raritan SmartLock packages contain two electronic handles, one intelligent door access sensor, and all connecting cables.

Also available are pre-integrated Raritan SmartLock systems with Legrand cabinets and row enclosures. Legrand‘s new Simplified Edge integrated solution, for example, includes Raritan’s SmartLock, and intelligent power distribution units and sensors.

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