Raritan Unveils Its New MasterConsole Digital KVM Switch DUAL


Raritan, a provider of intelligent data center management and rack power distribution solutions, a brand of listed company Legrand, has unveiled its new MasterConsole Digital-DUAL KVM switch (MCD-DUAL). Raritan’s dual monitor KVM switch consolidates access and control of multiple dual-head servers with a single console supporting dual-display output, HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI, and VGA video.

These features would make the switch ideal for art and graphic design, broadcast and customer service needs, control rooms, engineering, finance, manufacturing, and other multi-screen requirements.

The MCD-Dual comes in two, one-user models, the MCD-104 DUAL which connects to 4 dual-headed servers, and the MCD-108 DUAL which connects to 8 dual-headed servers. Both can be cascaded into two levels to support up to 64 connections.

The dual-monitor KVM would provide a “user-friendly” on-screen display and hotkeys to access connected computers. In addition, the borderless mouse switching would allow users to move the mouse to strike the monitor’s edge, and then the mouse will automatically move to the next port.

Other features of this MasterConsole Digital-DUAL KVM switch by Raritan would include:

  • Plug-and-play installation and configuration
  • AutoScan allows users to scan servers at variable rates and also enables AutoSkip to bypass inactive channels
  • ‘Keep-alive’ technology allows users to add, remove and hot-swap components without interruption to the live servers

Raritan’s MasterConsole Digital-DUAL KVM switch is a continuation of our successful line of MasterConsole devices that provide a centralized point-of-access to multiple servers without the expense and clutter of a dedicated keyboard, mouse, and monitor for each computer or server,” said Richard Dominach, Director of Product Management, Raritan. “With this new version, the MasterConsole now supports dual-headed servers with two video outputs. The MCD Dual models are truly unique in their support for dual-head servers using HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI and VGA video formats – all in a single switch!”

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