Real-time AI: Bringing together Dataflow, TensorFlow Extended, and Cloud AI

Google Cloud customers are increasingly looking to leverage streaming data (customer interactions, sales transactions, machine logs) for building new innovative features, increasing sales, and protecting against risks.

AI/ML (artificial intelligence/machine learning) technologies make it possible to amp up the detection of insights in large volumes of data: insights that otherwise would be impossible to gain with manual inspection.

Learn how Dataflow together with TensorFlow Extended (TFX) and Cloud AI are enabling the extraction of label and classification information from video clips and natural text, predicting probabilities and detecting anomalies, fraud, and patterns in streams of business data.

Speaker: Sergei Sokolenko

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product: BigQuery, Cloud Pub/Sub, Cloud Dataflow; fullname: Sergei Sokolenko;

Duration: 00:21:50
Publisher: Google Cloud
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