Real-Time Cloud Rendering Solutions Firm Well-Link Raises $40M

Well-Link Technologies

Well-Link Technologies, a Chinese startup delivering real-time cloud rendering solutions, has completed its $40 million B2 round of funding. This round of funding would help speed up the development of their next-generation computing and rendering architecture and help Well-Link further enhance the strategic layout of hardware and software integrated real-time cloud rendering capabilities.

Since its founding in 2019, Well-Link Technologies has successfully completed five rounds of funding in just three years. It has now developed into one of the top suppliers of real-time cloud rendering solutions worldwide. Thanks to its technologies and forward-thinking business strategies, Well-Link has managed to successfully complete this new funding round.

Singapore-based Temasek took the lead in this fundraising round, followed by current investors Future Capital and CDH Venture and Growth Capital (VGC).

Graphics-as-a-Service, Dedicated Servers

The cloud gaming business is flourishing and has developed into a significant growth engine for the overall entertainment sector thanks to the development of new infrastructure like 5G and the ongoing advancement of key technologies like graphics and image processing.

Well-Link Technologies is a key advocate for cloud gaming and is aware that the era of GaaS (Graphics-as-a-Service) has begun. Well-Link is planning out around the industry chain and starting to develop in key areas like dedicated servers, cloud rendering-based digital human platforms, and next-generation architecture ‘Ark’ while consolidating the capabilities of cloud gaming products represented by ‘Cloud Genshin Impact.’

In order to design high-density GPU servers based on novel rendering techniques and software architecture, Well-Link built Siland at the server level. This further increased processing effectiveness while lowering total costs, according to Well-Link. Business partners were able to cut their rendering expenses “by 25%” thanks to the first shipment of Siland devices, thus demonstrating the viability of reducing total costs in the GaaS sector by introducing more effective hardware.

VR/AR, Cloud Content Creation

The Grass of Genesis, China’s first cloud-native gaming demo that resembles a movie, was released by Well-Link in August 2022 to promote the ‘Ark’ software architecture. Well-Link started to investigate how high-quality content creation and VR/AR may intersect by integrating new software structures, new development collaboration techniques, and the introduction of film production standards into game development.

At the same time, Well-Link Technologies and Hixi Media Group agreed to work together strategically to promote ‘Chuncao,’ the first officially debuted digital actor in China. The strategic cooperation will advance the digital human sector by identifying avenues for financial gain.

Following this round of funding, Well-Link Technologies will continue to investigate real-time cloud rendering applications in other urgently needed contexts like VR/AR, improve cloud content creation capabilities, promote the creation of higher quality content, and ultimately accomplish the goal of creating the future digital world.