Red Hat Acquires Codenvy, Provider of Agile and Cloud-Native Development Tools

Provider of open source solutions, Red Hat, has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Codenvy, – provider of cloud-native development tools that enable developers to more easily create modern container-based and cloud-native applications.

By adding Codenvy to its existing portfolio of developer tools and application platforms, including Red Hat JBoss Middleware and Red Hat OpenShift, Red Hat continues its efforts to provide solutions that enable developers to create applications for hybrid cloud environments.

Red Hat plans to make Codenvy an integral part of, Red Hat’s recently announced hosted development environment for building hybrid cloud services on OpenShift.


Historically, software engineers have spent more time each week on administration and other tasks, including environment management, than actual coding. And often, developers can find themselves working on multiple projects concurrently, but in different programming languages.

red hatAs more IT organizations move to continuous delivery with DevOps and containers to speed the delivery of modern, cloud-native applications, new tools like Codenvy may enable development teams to build complex applications faster with fewer inconsistencies across environments.

Codenvy, founded in 2013, combines runtimes, projects and an IDE into a cloud-native developer tool that allows multiple developers to collaborate in the same workspace. Codenvy’s portable universal workspaces and cloud IDE address the configuration and sharing challenges created by localhost developer workspaces to allow contributions to a project without having to install software.

Codenvy runs in lightweight Linux containers, enabling instant startup and offering elastic scalability for building and running millions of workspaces. Codenvy’s containerized workspaces would be easily accessible via a browser without creating, maintaining and managing development environments.

Red Hat OpenShift

Codenvy and Red Hat have already been working together to help developers accelerate cloud-native application development. Last year, Codenvy, Red Hat and Microsoft announced a collaborative effort to provide a common way to integrate programming languages across code editors and IDEs. And, Codenvy is already embedded in Red Hat OpenShift, Red Hat’s container application platform, to make developing, debugging and deploying apps simple.

Codenvy is one of the first enterprise offerings based on Eclipse Che – an open source cloud integrated development environment (IDE) and developer workspace server. Now, with Codenvy as part of its Developer portfolio, Red Hat plans to make Eclipse Che and the Codenvy enhancements central to its tooling strategy and extend and integrate the workspace management technology across tools and platforms.

“Cloud workspaces make contributing to software projects easy. It’s a simple concept that drove growth in and open source Eclipse Che,” said Tyler Jewell, founder and CEO of Codenvy, Eclipse Che project lead. “Our container-based approach to development aligns with Red Hat’s focus on improving security features, reliability and performance in its container offerings. Joining Red Hat opens up opportunities to expand our reach among developers, giving them modern tools to build containerized apps from within their web browser.”

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