Red Hat Announces Latest Version of Red Hat CloudForms, Version 4.2

Open source software solutions provider, Red Hat, has announced the availability of Red Hat CloudForms 4.2. The latest version of their open hybrid cloud management solution would deliver improvements to public cloud, private cloud and container-based platforms, by enhancing metrics and events for Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform and by adding an Amazon EC2 image, enabling customers to run CloudForms in Amazon Web Services (AWS Cloud).

This new release also upgrades capabilities for OpenStack, improving tenant management and introducing storage management for the OpenStack object and block storage services: Swift and Cinder. Finally, CloudForms 4.2 would enhance the solution’s chargeback capabilities for containers running on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. CloudForms 4.2 is available for immediate download from the Red Hat Customer Portal. 

Red Hat CloudForms, based on the open source ManageIQ project, provides an advanced open source management platform for physical, virtual and cloud IT environments, including Linux containers. CloudForms would help IT organizations offer composable services through a self-service portal, managing the service lifecycle from provisioning to retirement. It can also define and enforce advanced compliance policies for new and existing IT environments, better enabling operators to optimize the costs of a given environment and system.

red hatAs many enterprise IT environments become more and more complex, adding a mix of physical, virtual and cloud-based environments along with Linux containers and microservices, traditional IT management solutions can trail behind. The inflexibility of many proprietary management solutions may not meet the demands of large organizations for cloud-based and cloud-like services, which can lead these organizations to look for more flexible, service-agnostic solutions like Red Hat CloudForms. 

To date, Red Hat customers from global telecommunications providers and manufacturing organizations to leading research institutions and universities, have deployed Red Hat CloudForms to manage their hybrid IT environments.

CloudForms would have enabled these organizations to better optimize costs and time by making their IT organizations more efficient and their IT processes more responsive. Built from the ground up on a flexible open source framework, Red Hat CloudForms can cover a broad range of infrastructure platforms and can be tailored to the specific needs of a given industry or customer organization.

“There is no longer a ‘one-size-fits-all’ IT environment, as many organizations are seeking to leverage the best benefits of physical, virtual and cloud-based technologies,” said Joe Fitzgerald, vice president, Management, Red Hat. “Coupled with Linux containers, only managing one or two aspects of these hybrid computing environments can lead to downtime or outages. Red Hat CloudForms provides a flexible, open management platform to oversee these disparate resources and we’re pleased to help enterprises at a global scale use them to manage the growing complexities of their environments.”

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