Red Hat Virtualization Now Supports the SAP HANA Cloud Platform

Global open source solutions provider, Red Hat, has announced that Red Hat Virtualization now supports the SAP HANA cloud platform. SAP HANA is an in-memory data and application development platform for running big data workloads.

Red Hat is now able to offer an operating system (Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP HANA) and hypervisor that are both validated for use with SAP HANA cloud environments, providing a level of open standardization to organizations seeking “greater choice of virtualized solutions, operational efficiencies and cost reductions in their data centers.”

A scalable, flexible, Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) powered virtualization solution, Red Hat Virtualization would provide an ”open, easy to use, and secure” virtualization platform that can handle diverse workloads, like those posed by big data applications and analysis, without extensive modifications or custom hardware.

By now supporting SAP HANA deployments, Red Hat Virtualization would help customers consolidate physical hardware to reduce IT expenses without losing operating capacity or functionality. Additionally, Red Hat Virtualization would form a solid foundation for innovative technologies, like Linux containers and cloud computing, while remaining “easy to integrate with existing IT investments.”

Financials, Insurance Customers

“To deliver the absolute reliability and fast performance that our financial services and insurance customers expect for their critical enterprise transactions, we needed a robust virtualization platform,” said Christoph Theis, head of SAP Services, Finanz Informatik Technologie Services. “Choosing Red Hat Virtualization means that we can deliver a high-performing, cloud-based SAP HANA solution that meets our customers’ requirements, and can do so in a cost-effective manner.”

Because Red Hat Virtualization forms the basis for many of Red Hat’s next-generation computing technologies, this capability would further enable customers to standardize on the Red Hat portfolio for their SAP HANA deployments. This can help to extend the flexibility of customer big data operations and provide more options when it comes to scaling to address extreme computing tasks.

Red Hat is committed to delivering customer choice at all levels of the technology stack, from foundational technologies like the operating system and hypervisor to next-generation solutions built on Linux containers and OpenStack,” said Gunnar Hellekson, senior director, Product Management, Platforms Business Unit, Red Hat. “Red Hat Virtualization for SAP HANA demonstrates this commitment by providing a scalable, flexible and open platform upon which to run big data workloads and associated applications without the need for proprietary software lock-in or custom hardware.”