RedHat Enhances its PaaS Offering with JBoss xPaaS for OpenShift

redhat-openshiftOpen source software supplier Red Hat has announced JBoss xPaaS services for OpenShift, a comprehensive, open and unified Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering aimed at enterprises. Development for xPaaS can now be initiated with Red Hat JBoss middleware products, including Red Hat JBoss Fuse and Red Hat JBoss BRMS.

The new Red Hat offering will reinforce the possibilities for companies to develop and maintain open hybrid clouds. Red Hat’s vision is to expand the availability of its technologies as services on OpenShift, widening the pathway for enterprises and developers to create, integrate and manage applications and business processes in the cloud.

The initial phase of Red Hat’s PaaS strategy was marked by the introduction of Enterprise OpenShift in November 2012. The release combined the core enterprise technologies that power OpenShift, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, into an integrated open hybrid cloud application platform. The introduction was followed by the commercial availability of OpenShift Online, Red Hat’s public PaaS offering.

Middleware in the cloud

The next phase of Red Hat’s PaaS strategy focuses on the delivery of key additional Red Hat JBoss xPaaS middleware technologies in the cloud as services powered by OpenShift, including integration capabilities, business process management (BPM), and mobile push notifications.

xPaaS is a rich set of application development and integration capabilities that will enable users to build and deploy complex enterprise-scale applications. Gartner uses the term xPaaS to describe the whole spectrum of specialized middleware services that can be offered as PaaS.

Development for xPaaS can now be initiated with Red Hat JBoss Middleware products, including Red Hat JBoss Fuse and Red Hat JBoss BRMS, which have been built with the cloud as a target development and deployment platform. As new xPaaS services are delivered, users will be able to easily move new applications, integrations and process components into the PaaS environment. Over time, Red Hat plans to add services and capabilities from the rest of its Red Hat JBoss Middleware portfolio along with other Red Hat technologies incorporated as xPaaS services.