ReliableSite Adds CloudLinux OS To Its Dedicated Servers

ReliableSite, a provider of dedicated servers based in New York, has announced that the CloudLinux operating system is now available as an addition to all ReliableSite.Net dedicated servers.

dedicated-servers-reliablesite“CloudLinux has many built in functions that we believe will highly benefit our dedicated server customers,” said Radic Davydov, founder and CEO of ReliableSite.Net. “This operating system will help our customers offer an improved and stable experience for both their web sites and customers web sites.” 

The CloudLinux operating system would improve server stability, security, flexibility, and allow system administrators to track heavy resource usage in shared hosting environments. Users on the dedicated server are reminded when they are at their resource limit, which avoids the penalty of shutting the entire website down. They can also track CPU, memory or disk I/O with graphs on their dashboard.

shared-hosting-cloudlinuxCloudLinux is also optimized for safety by restricting sensitive data to the respective user. This prevents malicious, external access that leads to information disclosure.

ReliableSite.Net offers enterprise-grade service and a premium network out of two fully redundant data center locations, Miami, Florida and the New York Metro area.

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