Relined Expands its Network into Denmark by Partnering with Energinet

Relined Fiber Network has entered into a far-reaching partnership with Danish national grid operator Energinet last week. It allows Relined to expand its fiber optic network into Denmark, add 5,500KM in this country and thereby strengthen its position in the Nordics. The collaboration with Energinet would fit seamlessly with Relined’s mission to optimize the use of existing networks and thus contribute to connectivity in the future.

Energinet is an independent public company owned by the Danish Ministry of Climate Energy and Utilities. They own, operate and develop the transmission systems for electricity and natural gas in Denmark. To ensure continuity of electricity and gas supply, Energinet needs communication lines between the many electricity and gas stations in the country. Energinet has more than 5,500KM of fiber optic infrastructure, parallel to electricity and gas lines.

The COBRA Fiber Optic Cable, the fiber optic cable between the Netherlands and Denmark, was the starting point of the collaboration between Relined and Energinet in 2019. The arrival of this fiber connection laid the foundation which is now being expanded by bringing together two unique networks and the shared conviction of making unused capacity available and thus contributing to digitalization.

As a result of further digitalization, but also the energy transition, there is a huge, increasing need for safe and reliable data connections and therefore fiber optic networks, according to the two companies. Energinet sees it as its social responsibility to do its part in this.

“We have available capacity on our network that can benefit Danes and Danish society,” said Peter Markussen, CEO at Energinet. “By renting out the available capacity in the fiber cables, companies working with, for example, Internet infrastructure and others can get secure, short and fast connections between, for example, data centers in the Nordic region.”

TenneT and ProRail

Relined was formed 18 years ago from TenneT, the Dutch grid operator, and ProRail, the railroad operator of the Netherlands, based on the social conviction that unused capacity of public – and later private – organizations should be available to third parties. This would call for intensive cooperation in order to make the best possible use of these existing networks, while guaranteeing the safety and availability of this vital infrastructure for one’s own operations.

“In addition to the energy transition, digitalization is also on the increase,” said Kristel Landa, Managing Director of Relined Fiber Network. “More and more organizations are recognizing their social responsibility and are willing to take it, including Energinet. As an independent provider of unused fiber capacity in public and private fiber networks, we understand better than anyone how organizations can fulfill this social role.”

Relined has an international fiber network covering almost 40,000KM in the Netherlands, Germany, and now Denmark as well. Through the network, Relined serves both national and international customers in terms of connectivity.

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