Relined Fiber Network Upgrades to a Larger HQs in the Netherlands

In recent years, dark fiber company Relined Fiber Network from the Netherlands has outgrown its existing accommodation. That’s why Relined is now undertaking this headquarters relocation as the next step in its ambitions for further growth.

Connecting more than 110 carrier-neutral data centers in the Netherlands and Germany, Relined Fiber Network saw two reasons for making the move now. On the one hand, it fits within Relined’s ambition for growth. On the other, this will create more space in these times of COVID-19.

Relined intends to create safe workplaces for its employees. A workplace where more people can be present at the same time, but where it is possible to easily maintain the 1.5-meter distance, as well as complying with all other guidelines. Naturally, this will only be the case once the RIVM (Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment) has indicated that working from the office will be allowed again. Working from home is currently the norm within Relined.

The new premises of dark fiber provider Relined are almost literally a stone’s throw away from the previous office location.

Dark Fiber Provider

Relined Fiber Network was founded in 2003 to market the unused capacity of rail infra company ProRail and energy company TenneT. Later, the network was expanded with a metro network in Amsterdam and, in 2017, with a cooperation with BT in the Netherlands. Since 2017, Relined has been working with a nationwide network in Germany, including a metro network in Frankfurt.

From 2019, Relined has been delivering dark fiber connections through a subsea cable from the Netherlands to Denmark. During the past 17 years, the organization has undergone considerable growth, and now has a network covering in excess of 30,000 kilometers.