Repeatable GCP Environments at Scale With Cloud Build Infra-As-Code Pipelines (Cloud Next '19)

Defining and managing your development, test, staging, and production environments using infra-as-code tools such as Deployment Manager or Terraform is a common practice. Ensuring that any changes you make to your environment config definitions are “safe” remains challenging, though.

We’ll demonstrate how you can use Cloud Build to create pipelines to validate your infra-as-code environment definitions and safely update existing environments.

We’ll also discuss good practices around versioning and publishing env definitions and using those in application deployment pipelines running in tools such as Cloud Build, Jenkins, or Spinnaker.

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Speaker(s): Morgante Pell

Session ID: OPS210
product:Cloud Build,Cloud Deployment Manager; fullname:Morgante Pell;

Duration: 41:28
Publisher: Google Cloud
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