Budget dedicated server provider, Reprise Hosting, has released a new line of NVMe powered ‘cheap dedicated servers.’ Reprise Hosting is a hosting provider based out of Seattle, Washington and specializes in cheap dedicated servers and cPanel VPS hosting solutions.

“Users demand that their applications respond instantly,” said Brian Harrison of Reprise Hosting. “Page loads, start-up times, download speeds – they all need to be as fast as possible. As a host, we have to provide affordable dedicated servers with faster processors, more cores, more memory and, in particular, faster storage. Today, we see that most server workloads are primarily dependent on I/O – when things bottleneck, it’s typically disk-related. Our release of NVMe powered dedicated servers directly addresses that reality.”

Leveraging PCIe, Reprise Hosting NVMe dedicated servers would enable modern applications to reach their full potential – applications that require the highest-performance with access to local flash storage via the fastest I/O data highways.

How NVMe unlocks the potential of flash-based storage can be understood by comparing it to older protocols. SATA, for example, allowed for only one command queue capable of holding 32 commands – allowing only limited optimization. NVMe on the other hand would enable over 65,000 queues with 64,000 commands per queue. With NVMe, the I/O capabilities of flash can now be fed across PCIe faster to allow multi-core processors to complete more useful work in less time, resulting in greater application productivity.

“We’re excited about our new line of NVMe powered servers and we’re looking forward to continue pushing the performance envelope for our clients,” added Brian Harrison.