Reseller Hosting Company Heart Internet rebrands as dotUK

UK-based Heart Internet, one of the UK’s largest reseller hosting company’s, has become one of the first major businesses in the United Kingdom to switch to the recently launched .uk domain name.

web-hosting-ukLaunched in June, .uk is the new flagship domain name, bringing the United Kingdom in line with other major European markets such as France (.fr) and Germany (.de).

According to Heart Internet, the launch of the new shorter and more memorable domain name is good news for British businesses and the UK domain space as a whole. By combining a shorter extension with the trust of the .uk brand, businesses and individuals would gain wider choice, appeal and more potential opportunities when creating their own online space.

“Moving to .uk is an important forward step for Heart Internet, a move which highlights our continued commitment to the UK name space,” said Heart Internet Director Craig Cotter. “As one of the UK’s leading web hosting and reseller hosting companies it is vital that we take the lead and show our customers the benefits of moving to the shorter .uk domain name.”

SEO best practices

“Businesses that are looking to make the switch to .uk should not feel overwhelmed,

as long as search engine best practices are followed,” added Cotter. “As well as this, businesses and individuals should always look to protect their brand online. The .uk domain name has become one of the fastest selling new arrivals on record and this is a great opportunity to invest in an extension name that symbolizes being part of the digital economy.”

Launched in 2004, Heart Internet is a prominent web hosting and reseller hosting company in the UK. The company is an integral part of the Host Europe Group, one of the largest privately-owned hosting company’s in Europe. The Group also includes 123-reg, Webfusion, domainFACTORY and Host Europe.