Resello and Selectel Plan to Launch Jointly Developed Azure Stack as a Service in Russia

Resello, the Netherlands-based company behind the Resello Cloud Marketplace, part of the Yourholding group of companies with 140+ employees delivering cloud hosting services worldwide, has announced a strategic partnership with Selectel, a Russia-based IT infrastructure provider. The companies have planned various joint projects, including their collaborative development of an Azure Stack Network cloud service in Russia.

“Resello has spent many years assisting in the development of Azure Stack,” said Joeri Borstlap, CEO of Resello. “We were one of the first to deploy a Microsoft hybrid cloud in Western Europe. Russia has a lot of potential for hybrid cloud computing development. Support from Selectel, the key Russian player in their segment, is of the utmost importance to us.”

The Global Azure Stack Network by Resello (also watch this VIDEO about Resello on Azure Stack on unites data centers, cloud providers, and resellers from countries all over the world. This would allow users to launch geographically distributed resources on the Azure Stack platform with a single resource-metering and billing system. Resello’s Russian-based partner, Selectel, will extend Resello’s network by launching Azure Stack nodes in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The two companies will additionally collaborate in promoting the Azure Stack Network in the local market.

Data Centers Russia

Selectel’s own network currently consists of six “modern” data centers in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The company is actively developing their own cloud platform, which includes services based on VMware and OpenStack technologies. Partnering with Resello would grant the Russian provider a new channel for accessing potential customers and resellers in Europe.

“It’s becoming more and more common for foreign companies doing business in Russia to seek local infrastructure partners,” said Petr Sheglov, Product Director at Selectel. “This is driven by the need to comply with local legislation and a commitment to improve services and optimize business applications. We watched Resello develop their cloud marketplace, and we see potential in providing our services with their assistance.”