Resello, brainymotion Start Offering Microsoft Certification Training Courses in DACH Countries

Resello - brainymotion

Resello, an international distributor of cloud services and a Microsoft CSP Indirect Provider, now strategically partners with brainymotion – a leading service provider of practice-oriented and innovative IT technology training from Germany. The two companies will jointly offer a comprehensive set of training courses, supporting partners in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (DACH) in achieving their Microsoft certifications.

The partnership allows managed service providers (MSPs), independent software vendors (ISVs), office automation companies and other partners to choose from a wide range of training courses and certifications, either for their own employees or for their customers. Training courses range from the fundamentals of Azure or Office 365, to technical deep dives, including new role-based certifications from Microsoft. The training courses can be adapted to the wishes of the partner and can be followed at one of the brainymotion locations, at the partner’s location or remotely online.

Resello and Brainymotion will also jointly organize workshops, especially for ISVs who want to migrate their applications to Azure cloud.

“As a Microsoft Indirect Provider with its own automation platform that accelerates digital transformation, we support partners across Europe, including partners doing business in Germany, Austria and Switzerland,” said Harald Nuij, CCO at Resello. “We strongly believe in the power of focusing on what you are good at and working with strategic partners on other important issues. That’s why we’re very excited to start working with brainymotion. As a leading service provider, they have been providing training to companies and end users in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for over 18 years.”

“In order to continue to grow successfully, it is becoming increasingly important for Microsoft partners to further stimulate the adoption, the actual use of the Microsoft services by the end users,” added Mr. Nuij. “Obtaining the right certifications offers a real competitive advantage, an advantage which brainymotion helps us to deliver.”

First Workshops, in Frankfurt and Munich

“At brainymotion, we believe in offering smart training; training that best suits individual customer needs, in a place and at a time that suits the customer best,” said Nils Gutsche, CEO at brainymotion. “Because Resello has a history in the hosting industry and a 100% focus on the cloud, they have a lot of ideas to tap into new markets and to on-board new CSP partners. We can support these companies in a smart way with training and certification. This enables us to support CSP partners in achieving Silver or Gold status at Microsoft and the benefits that come with it. We will also jointly organize workshops in order to get Resello partners and other interested parties up to speed quickly.”

The first Azure Fundamentals workshops for ISVs will take place later this year, at the brainymotion offices in Frankfurt and Munich. During the free workshop, CTOs, CEOs, product managers, (lead) developers and infrastructure/software architects will get insights and best practices needed to develop the right set of skills to successfully apply Microsoft Azure within their company.”

“Because Resello has a history in the hosting industry and a 100% focus on the cloud, they have a lot of ideas to tap into new markets and to on-board new CSP partners,” said Nils Gutsche, CEO at brainymotion [photo: right] Left: Harald Nuij, CCO at Resello.

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