Rethinking VMs – Eyes on Enterprise

In this episode of Eyes on Enterprise, Stephanie Wong invites Brian Dorsey – Developer Advocate for Compute – to talk about why you should rethink VMs in the cloud. They discuss thinking about VMs as a slice of a data center, and how you can optimize for cost using tools like autoscaling, rightsizing, and GCE Persistent Disks.

Time markers:
VMs as a slice of a datacenter→ 0:38
Scaling up→ 2:35
Scaling out→ 6:32
Accessing VMs→ 7:42
Persistent disks→ 9:33
Takeaways→ 14:44

Compute Engine →
Instance Groups →
Preemptible VMs →
Persistent Disks →
Solution reference architectures →

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Product: Compute Engine, Cloud SQL, GKE, Dataflow, Dataproc, Cloud Build; fullname: Stephanie Wong, Brian Dorsey;

Duration: 00:16:07
Publisher: Google Cloud
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