Retrospect Delivers One-Click Cloud Backup and Ransomware Protection


Built on Wasabi Technologies’ Hot Cloud Storage, the newly introduced Retrospect Cloud Storage would provide lightning-fast object storage. With Retrospect Cloud Storage integrated into Retrospect (a StorCentric Company), businesses have a complete ransomware protection and detection solution that encompasses on-premises and cloud protection.

With 13 data centers spread out across the globe, Retrospect Cloud Storage is a high-availability cloud storage solution being delivered against limited costs. Retrospect Cloud Storage is one of the most often requested services from Retrospect’s customers. It would combine the ease of a single subscription with a perfect integration into Retrospect Backup.

This Wasabi foundation is used by Retrospect Cloud Storage to offer sophisticated data protection capabilities including immutable backups. Sensitive data can be backed up to Retrospect Cloud Storage with the assurance that it will stay secret from the underlying infrastructure provider, including Retrospect and Wasabi Technologies, thanks to Retrospect’s AES-256 at-rest encryption.

Ransomware Protection and Detection

JG Heithcock, General Manager, Retrospect, a StorCentric company
JG Heithcock, General Manager, Retrospect, a StorCentric company

Organizations would be completely protected and encrypted from ransomware attacks using on-premises and cloud backups using Retrospect Cloud Storage and the multi-homed backups with the 3-2-1 backup rule.

“Ransomware is such a threat to businesses worldwide that Retrospect is focusing on providing tools for ransomware protection and detection to help defend crucial data from these cybersecurity threats,” said JG Heithcock, General Manager, Retrospect, a StorCentric company. “Retrospect Cloud delivers a seamless one-click cloud backup and ransomware protection experience to our customers with a global footprint to minimize latency and adhere to local data regulations. Security-focused features like multi-factor authentication for backup instances and our hosted service ensure every customer is completely protected.”