Reyun: Architecture of an Advertising Effectiveness Tracking Platform on AWS [Mandarin]

In this episode of This is My Architecture –, Jin Dong shares how to build an advertising effectiveness tracking platform on AWS. Jin Dong explains the pivotal role of Amazon DynamoDB in extreme low-latency streaming process pipeline.

Host: Wei Zhao, Solution Architect, AWS
Customer: Jin Dong, SRE/Devops Lead, Reyun

Title: 构建于AWS之上的广告效果监测平台

Description: 在本次的 This is My Architecture 中,董金介绍了热云构建在AWS上的广告效果监测平台架构,并分享了不同数据分类的大数据处理流程,特别的,董金解释了在实时数据流处理中,dynamoDB起到的关键作用,帮助整个平台实现了极低的延时。

Host: 赵伟,AWS 合作伙伴解决方案架构师
Customer: 董金, Devops负责人

Duration: 6:57
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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