Riachuelo and Dedalus: Deploying e-Commerce Application Faster with AWS Code Deploy

In this episode of This Is My Architecture (https://amzn.to/2AxZq8n), Alexandre Bastos Borges, Solutions Architect of Riachuelo and Eduardo Bortoluzzi Solutions Engineer of Dedalus, explain how they decreased the e-commerce deployment process from 5 hours to less than 1 hour using AWS Code Deploy. A Jenkins pipeline gets a new application version from GitLab, choose a Magento Web instance (Amazon EC2) to create the artifact that is registered in AWS CodeDeploy to be delivered to web and admin instances.

Host: Claudia Charro, Solutions Architect, AWS
Customer: Alexandre Bastos Borges (Riachuelo) – Solutions Architect, Eduardo Bortoluzzi (Dedalus) – Solutions Engineer

Duration: 4:37
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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