Richard Whitehouse of Cube3 on UKFast

Cube3 — founded in the 1990’s — was established as a creative agency based in the heart of Manchester. For well over a decade it has been helping to define and position popular brands by developing their digital platform through the use of websites, apps, social content and broadcast media.

In 2013, it migrated its entire digital platform to UKFast’s eCloud Hybrid.

Cube3 Head of Digital, Richard Whitehouse said: “Typically, agencies have lots of resources in lots of different places which can become a nightmare to manage. It slows things down; whether it’s documentation issues, deployments or managing the different environments, it becomes very troublesome.

“We were looking to consolidate all our platforms into one environment that we could take care of, and the name at the top of our list was UKFast. Many of our team have been exposed to UKFast in the past; it’s a local provider and we know many other businesses based in Manchester have had very positive experiences with it.”

Using eCloud Hybrid — a mixture of private hardware nodes for exceptional performance, and shared enterprise storage for elasticity — Cube 3 has been able to improve its efficiency in deploying new solutions for its clients.

“eCloud Hybrid allows us to do some very interesting things,” said Richard. “We can now offer high availability systems to clients, and have a huge pot of resource that we can use to the best of its ability.
“The speed at which we can create something for a client has massively improved and the solution we have is scalable, so we can just make it better for our clients all the time.”

Moving forward with an upcoming launch of a new, integrated marketing platform, Cube 3 is anticipating huge growth in coming years. Its official partnership with UKFast will ensure it develops with a reliable solution in place.

“Working with UKFast we can offer a new service; we can work with newer technologies and have been able to work in partnership to put deployment routines into practice, which no other provider has been able to offer us,” Richard said.

“We know the solution and system is great; that is point number one. Beyond that, the important things are access to the team and working with the right people, and that’s exactly the type of additional service we get from UKFast.

“This isn’t just a company at the end of the phone; this is a real partnership.”

Duration: 3:28
Publisher: UKFast
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