RightScale Announces Beta Release of a Cloud Cost Management Solution

cloud-cost-management-rightscaleRightScale Inc., a global provider of enterprise cloud management, has announced a beta release of RightScale Cloud Analytics, a multi-cloud cost management solution that integrates with a cloud management platform to enable users to take action on insights and implement budget controls.

Cloud Analytics is a new enterprise-grade cost management solution from RightScale that provides sophisticated cloud usage and cost analysis as well as forecasting and scenario planning across major public and private clouds. Cloud Analytics is integrated with the RightScale Cloud Management platform, providing a mechanism for enterprises to quickly execute optimizations to their cloud portfolio.

Key things to know about RightScale Cloud Analytics:

  • Integration with Cloud Management: Cloud Analytics offers tight integration with RightScale Cloud Management to close the loop between technical management of applications and optimization of cloud usage and costs. Cloud Analytics can be purchased separately or bundled with Cloud Management.
  • Multi-Cloud Visibility: Cloud Analytics provides visibility into usage and costs across public and private clouds. Users can slice and dice costs by cloud, application, department, and team; and drill down to lists of individual servers so that technical teams can take action.
  • Forecasting and Scenario Planning: Cloud Analytics provides sophisticated forecasting that combines current usage and historical trends with growth patterns based on your business plans and expectations. Users will be able to define alternate scenarios to evaluate projected costs based on different clouds, instance sizes, regions, or reserved instance purchase options.
  • Cost Optimization: Cloud Analytics enables users to identify waste and find opportunities to reduce costs with reserved instances or alternate purchase options. Based on insights from Cloud Analytics, companies can implement enterprise budget controls using RightScale Cloud Management.
  • Governance: Cloud Analytics incorporates enterprise-grade access controls to enable different users to access information relative to their roles and responsibilities.

To request a Cloud Analytics beta account, one can fill out this form: http://www.rightscale.com/analytics. Pricing will be announced when Cloud Analytics becomes generally available in 2014.

Holger Mueller, vice president and principal analyst for cloud computing at Constellation Research, said, “Beware the false analytics of vendors who offer data on cloud costs and usage, but don’t tie that data to a derived action or guidance. RightScale Cloud Analytics is an important first step in integrating cloud analytics with cloud management across public and private clouds – a true analytics platform for cloud computing.”

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- Koen Stegeman, Editor-in-Chief and CEO