Riverbed and Gigamon Expand Partnership to Enhance Network and Application Performance

riverbed-gigamonThe Riverbed Cascade Shark appliance, part of Riverbed’s Performance Management product family, now supports Gigamon’s time stamping solution in the GigaVUE H Series. Together, these technologies enable accurate time stamping detail to be used in traffic analysis for faster troubleshooting of network and application problems in enterprise and financial industry IT environments.

Gigamon’s time stamp technology together with Riverbed Shark performance analytics, would further reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR) by synchronizing time stamps across the network for performance troubleshooting and enable network managers to quickly determine where in the network problems are occurring.

For time-sensitive transactions

“The solutions provided by Riverbed and Gigamon enhance joint customers’ network and application performance monitoring capabilities,” said Dimitri Vlachos, vice president, Marketing and Products at Riverbed. “Precision time stamping provides the granularity which customers dealing with time-sensitive and high-frequency transactions require.”

Today’s announcement expands on the partnership between the two companies. Riverbed is part of Gigamon’s Visibility Fabric Ecosystem Partners, which includes companies and organizations that are committed to solving customer problems with best-of-breed visibility solutions for network security, troubleshooting, application analysis, forensics review and Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) compliance.

In addition, Gigamon is an elite member of the Riverbed Technology Alliance (RTA) program, a select group of technology companies that partner with Riverbed to jointly develop, market and deliver high-value, high-performance solutions to enterprise customers.

Riverbed Cascade Shark Appliances

The Riverbed Cascade Shark appliance provides continuous, high-speed packet capture, indexing and storage to ensure that packet-level information is always available for end-to-end performance monitoring and for granular, real-time and back-in-time analysis.

Riverbed Cascade Shark products are typically deployed wherever detailed real-time and historical analysis is needed, such as within the data center, headquarters or key branch offices. They can be used as an integral part of the complete Riverbed network performance management (NPM) visibility solution or as a standalone troubleshooting solution.

Gigamon Time Stamping Technology

riverbed-gigamonGigamon’s time stamping technology for the GigaVUE H Series, including the GigaPORT-X12-TS, offers hardware-based nanosecond accurate time stamping enabling IT organizations to optimize networks for all types of traffic, including high frequency trading communications. Gigamon’s de-duplication removes duplicate packets – a result of port aggregation where the same packet is picked up at multiple places along its route – before they are unnecessarily processed or stored by tools for performance and accuracy enhancement.

Gigamon’s Unified Visibility Fabric receives the same packet at multiple points along the network path and then applies a time stamp at each point of ingress. The time stamping allows Riverbed Cascade Shark to precisely examine a packet’s journey and associated latency as it moves through the network. This examination would enhance Quality of Service (QoS) analysis and overcome port latency issues improving network analysis, jitter evaluation and overall application and infrastructure performance management.