Robert Jacobi: “Our WordPress Dashboard for the Hosting Industry is Pretty Perfect”

US based software development company Perfect Dashboard, specializing in WordPress innovation for the hosting industry, came to CloudFest last week to talk to CSPs, MSPs and agencies to promote their product called Auto Updater.

In this video interview with, Perfect Dashboard’s Vice President of Sales Robert Jacobi explains what the value is of their WordPress software solution delivered to hosting providers worldwide. had a great time with the people from Perfect Dashboard (and 1&1) during the ‘VIP Kitchen’ event in hotel Bell Rock in Europa-Park where CloudFest was held. Later on we had this interview with Perfect Dashboard’s Robert Jacobi, who also happens to be the President of Joomla. He elaborates on the technology being developed by Perfect Dashboard – which uses machine learning techniques to verify the effectiveness of the WordPress updating processes (including plugins, templates and more).