and AirHop Partner to Jointly Deliver Open RAN Solutions for 4G/5G and AirHop Communications are partnering to help improve the performance of Open Radio Access Networks (Open RAN) and end-user quality of experience. At the same time they intend to lower the costs, complexities, and deployment times for Mobile Network Operators (MNO) and Cloud Service Providers (CSP) deploying 5G and other next-generation networks and services.

Robin and AirHop, both headquartered in California in the U.S. offer the rapid deployment of cloud-native Open RAN in an operationally optimal solution thanks to their tight strategic cooperation. By offering a simple route to integration and orchestration of self-optimizing Open RAN solutions, the AirHop and Robin cooperation would significantly decrease the development time for systems integrators, managed network operators (MNOs), and CSPs, greatly easing the cost and operational effort required for productization.

Rakuten Mobile’s 4G/5G network in Japan, as well as the Rakuten Communication Platform (RCP), for example rely on Robin and AirHop technologies. It helps them bring virtualization, standardization, optimization, and automation of 5G Open RAN, resulting in increased cost efficiency, innovation, and affordability.

“Working together, Robin and Airhop are delivering a platform that telecom operators can successfully deploy across the entire 5G stack on cloud-native infrastructure at scale, including near real-time network automation and performance optimization reducing deployment and operations cost,” said Partha Seetela, CEO and CTO of “The solution enables operators to successfully manage their network functions across thousands of sites and delivers improved spectral efficiency of the network, resulting in higher throughput and more capacity. Today’s announcement reinforces the importance of our Robin partner ecosystem that includes best-of-breed hardware and software technology vendors essential to accelerate the time to value for our telco customers.”

VNF and CNF based Services

Multi Cluster Automation Platform (MDCAP), Cloud Native Platform (CNP), and Cloud Native Storage (CNS) are’s fundamental technologies that will provide a cloud native framework for onboarding network activities. Hyper-automation, which orchestrates and controls the lifecycles of bare-metal infrastructures, third-party appliances, Virtual Network Functions (VNFs), Cloud-native Network Functions (CNFs), and services, will also be provided by the technologies.

Photo Partha Seetela, CEO and CTO of
“Robin and Airhop are delivering a platform that telecom operators can successfully deploy across the entire 5G stack on cloud-native infrastructure at scale, including near real-time network automation and performance optimization,” said Partha Seetela, CEO and CTO of

They provide these features with built-in logging, monitoring, and policy engines for closed-loop automation that can be handled through a single interface. solutions would offer intuitive and declarative interfaces that auto-discover and auto-configure resources across the service’s life cycle, minimizing deployment complexity, timelines, and human error.

AirHop offers a set of real-time network intelligence solutions for coverage and capacity, network setup, mobility optimization, and network operations, including RAN automation and performance optimization. With large-scale installations at Reliance Jio and Rakuten Mobile, AirHop’s eSON technology has shown its commercial viability. MNOs can use eSON as a pre-standard, near-real-time RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) platform or as xApps/rApps on upcoming near-real-time and non-real-time RIC platforms based on O-RAN standards to provide optimization applications for disaggregated vRAN architectures.

For macro cell, small cell, and HetNet coverage use cases, eSON applications optimize performance across Rakuten Mobile’s end-to-end cloud native wireless network, resulting in higher throughput and capacity, reduced operational expenses through automated configuration and issue resolution, and dynamic balancing of user traffic across the network. eSON360 offers AI/ML-based rApps for a variety of target RAN optimization scenarios.

“We are pleased to be partnering with Robin on this autonomous network journey,” said Yan Hui, Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of AirHop. “AirHop real-time RAN optimization and hyper-automation are driving both horizontal and vertical automation in Rakuten Mobile’s industry leading RCP resulting in operational cost reductions, deployment acceleration and improved performance of Open RAN.”

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