Rocket Unveils WordPress Edge Cloud Service

Rocket WordPress Web Hosting

Rocket, an all-in-one Managed WordPress Hosting platform built for WordPress websites of all sizes, has brought WordPress to the edge of the cloud with global caching and website security inherently built-in to the platform.

After spending years working with WordPress users seeking CDN and WAF solutions to layer on top of their hosting provider, Ben Gabler – a web hosting industry veteran and founder of Rocket, realized there was an opportunity to integrate these services and simplify the experience.

“WordPress users should be able to focus on building and managing their website content without needing a degree in security and performance best practices,” said Ben Gabler. “Our platform has a unique footprint at the Edge of the Cloud that not only brings WordPress hosting as close as possible to your website visitors, but it also provides Enterprise Website Optimization and Security tools at no additional cost.”

Rocket delivers a full suite of WordPress optimization tools within the managed hosting platform, removing the skill sets and resources needed to manually configure separate plugins and operational settings during a WordPress deployment, optimization or update.

Rocket managed WordrPress hosting benefits would include:

  • “Easy to use Control Panel” – Interface built for WordPress users of all sizes – making it “easy” to develop, stage, launch, and boost your WordPress Website performance.
  • Premium Servers & Global Footprint – Directly connected with all major ISP networks through the platform’s enterprise grade servers at the edge of the cloud.
  • Built-in Caching (CDN) and Proxying – Rocket automatically caches all website content in over 200 locations, no plugin or configuration required. Rocket’s global caching fully supports dynamic content including WooCommerce. We also proxy and cache several third-party scripts like Google fonts to reduce DNS lookups and increase load time on your pages.
  • Always-on Website Security suite – Every WordPress installation includes a Website Firewall (WAF) and Malware Scanning/Patching specifically tuned for WordPress at no additional cost. Protecting every WordPress install from common http attacks, weak password usage, brute-force prevention, and much more.
  • Optimized JavaScript and Images – The platform can automatically optimize your website’s use of JavaScript and increase page load time by asynchronously loading it. The platform also applies lossless image optimization with WebP support.
  • Automated WordPress Updates – Save time, headache, and money with the automated WordPress core, plugin, and theme updates.

“We’re really excited to bring this Product to market with our partners. While the name Rocket may be new, the team behind it is extremely seasoned,” added Mr. Gabler. “Seeing WordPress evolve from the early 2000’s to where it is today, we’re thrilled to be a part of the WordPress community again. We strongly feel our Platform will really make an impact to provide a better Internet experience for users all over the world.”

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