Launches New One-Click Install Cloud Servers

Managed hosting provider, a service of Rose Web Services LLC with a data center located in St. Louis, Missouri, has updated their portfolio to include new one-click install cloud servers. The cloud servers are powered by SSDs and have up to 32GB of RAM.

RoseHosting’s one-click installer would allow users to install servers with applications of their choice with a single click. RoseHosting customers that have their One-Click Install (OCI) Cloud Servers will have dedicated 24/7 technical support led by a team of expert Linux administrators with over 15 years of average experience.

rosehosting cloud serversRoseHosting‘s OCI Cloud Servers come with fully-optimized integration of the applications provided with their managed servers. What makes their servers different is that everyone can install as many applications as they want, on as many domains as they want.

The company’s OCI Cloud Servers run on the latest version of Ubuntu and a LEMP stack, while all applications are always updated to their latest stable version, thus ensuring the highest performance and security. Every server comes with full weekly backup, server monitoring, and website migration, all included for free, “with no hidden fees or setup costs.”

“We’re excited and proud to launch our OCI Cloud Servers,” said Brian W., a senior RoseHosting sales executive. “We worked hard to optimize them and make them perfect for our users. One of the things we’ve always set as a priority is 100% customer satisfaction and a user-friendly experience. We’ve made everything as easy as possible for our customers, from purchasing a server to deploying applications.”