Round Table Marketing Summary March 2010

UKFast March Marketing Mix Round Table Summary.

UKFast hosts discussions with the UK’s leading entrepreneurs, asking the question “How is the mix of digital and traditional marketing changing?”

The UKFast round tables aim to unite business leaders to share advice and provide a wealth of ideas for other developing companies, like the latest in digital and traditional marketing during 2010.

More businesses are concentrating on digital marketing at the expense of marketing’s core principles, according to UKFast’s latest round table.

With its transparent nature enticing businesses away from using a healthier mix of traditional and digital marketing, engaging and understanding your customers, marketplace and competition have never been more significant.

Digital marketing, in particular social media, has also encouraged power to shift back to the consumer and provided a critical public arena where a company’s product, services and actions are fundamentally exposed. Moreover, the growing use of social media in the workplace has placed greater onus on how the entire team communicates. From the tone of voice they use, the message they deliver to how they conduct themselves outside of the office, employees at all levels must embody your brand to guarantee its success.

Duration: 6:4
Publisher: UKFast
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