Royal Dutch Nedschroef Selects Infor Cloud Platform

Nedschroef, a specialist in the manufacture of fasteners from the Netherlands, employing 2,300 people at 20 locations in 10 countries, has chosen Infor’s CloudSuite Automotive – a cloud-based solution to help modernize its business operations to save costs and increase efficiency.  

Nedschroef needed a cloud technology partner with standardized solutions and knowledge of the automotive industry. Infor CloudSuite Automotive is not only designed for the automotive industry, it would also ideally be suited for globally acting companies. Thus, the Infor solution offers Nedschroef the opportunity to further develop the areas of IoT (Internet of Things) and machine connectivity as well as to use integrated EDI functions.

Another advantage of the Infor multi-tenant cloud would be the analysis option with Infor’s business intelligence (BI). This helps significantly accelerate decision-making and reporting processes.

Renewed Digital Strategy

Founded in 1894, Nedschroef has evolved in several areas, from a cluster of autonomous organizations to a single entity consisting of various business units. The final step was the introduction of ‘one way of working,’ supported by a modern and integrated ERP system. This evolution required a renewed digital strategy that fits this new business model.

Within this renewed digital strategy, the entire ecosystem is integrated – from internal processes, such as machines, to external processes, such as supply chain systems.

The software supplier selection process started in 2018. Nedschroef researched the ERP market together with analyst firm Gartner, and multi-disciplinary teams were set up internally. Each team had a different focus with the common goal of making Nedschroef future-proof.

ERP Software

Photo Kees van den Houten
“Infor CloudSuite Automotive is focused on the automotive industry and designed to optimize operations within this sector. The multi-tenant cloud solution working on AWS provides an integral link between all systems,” said Kees van den Houten, VP & Managing Director of Infor Benelux.

Nedschroef was already using Infor XPPS enterprise resource planning software and issued a request for proposal (RFP) to update its ERP system. After a thorough evaluation of several potential suppliers, Infor was selected because of its combination of industry-specific knowledge and a system that showed how it could contribute immediately to Nedschroef’s operational needs and ambitions. Also important for the decision was that the integrated platform would meet the requirements specific to the automotive and manufacturing industry.

“The fact that we had previous experience with Infor was irrelevant to the selection process; it was by no means a foregone conclusion,” said Joris Te Molder, CIO and IT director at Nedschroef. “We chose them because they came up with the right people and demonstrably appropriate solutions. Ultimately, all multi-disciplinary teams unanimously agreed that Infor CloudSuite Automotive was the right solution.”

As a global business cloud software provider specialized by industry. Providing enterprise applications to 67,000 customers in more than 175 countries, Infor has 17,000 employees to leverage their deep industry expertise while they use data-driven insights to create, learn and adapt quickly to solve emerging business and industry challenges.

“We are very proud to provide an innovative company like Nedschroef with the Infor platform, allowing the organization to fully focus on offering parts for cars, aircraft, and machines. This is the example of a frontrunner in the industry that, thanks to the standardization and modernization of its processes, takes the entire organization to a higher level,” said Kees van den Houten, Vice President & Managing Director of Infor Benelux. Infor CloudSuite Automotive is focused on the automotive industry and designed to optimize operations within this sector. The multi-tenant cloud solution working on AWS provides an integral link between all systems, which will help increase productivity within Nedschroef whilst reducing the total cost of ownership and helping adopt innovations faster. The software package also provides insights into the supply chain and detailed tools for tracking transactions.”