Rubrik Unveils Enhanced Cyber Resilience Solutions


Global cybersecurity solutions company Rubrik has announced new enhancements to its cyber resilience products to help clients better prepare for ransomware attacks. Organizations can increase their ransomware readiness, respond with more intelligent and integrated tools, and recover from assaults faster with Rubrik’s enhanced cybersecurity offering.

In the preceding 12 months, more than a third of firms globally suffered a ransomware attack or breach that stopped access to systems or data, according to IDC. Only 13% of the firms attacked or breached did not pay a ransom in these incidents.

Enterprise productivity tools and business applications in cloud and SaaS settings can be particularly insecure without Zero Trust Data Security, according to Rubrik. Rubrik’s latest cybersecurity product release will be accessible through Rubrik’s extensive worldwide partner network in the coming months.

Rubrik has made the following improvements to its cloud data security offering:

  • Managed SaaS Support for Azure SQL – With expanded Rubrik coverage in Azure cloud, Azure SQL can be protected alongside other cloud and on-prem workloads for unified visibility and policy administration.
  • AWS S3 Archives with Reduced Blast Radius – Cloud data can be restored using a bunkered account with fresh credentials if an AWS production account is hacked by ransomware. The new account has limited access and delete permissions to protect security.
  • Improved Cloud Economics – Using low-cost daily snapshots for Azure VMs and AWS EC2 instances, businesses may save up to 40%, according to Rubrik.
  • Rubrik Enterprise-Scale Protection for Microsoft 365 – Rubrik clients may recover more application data with restorations for Microsoft Exchange contacts and calendars, SharePoint lists, and Teams channel postings with Rubrik protection for up to 100,000 users.

New Data Protection Capabilities

Rubrik’s data security starts with a logical air gap, which keeps data online for quick recovery while also including patented procedures that prevent attackers from discovering consumer data. Rubrik’s append-only file system would also ensure that data remains immutable.

Rubrik’s latest release includes the following features:

  • SAP Database Protection – Users can now secure SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems, allowing them to expedite protection and decrease the need for manual scripting and task scheduling across on-premises and cloud environments.
  • Oracle and SQL Recovery is Now Even Quicker – Users with big Microsoft SQL or Oracle databases with a huge number of files may now recover even faster. Clients using SQL can experience a 3x boost in restorations, while Oracle customers can see a 25% improvement in database recoveries, according to Rubrik.
  • Enhanced Data Protection with Faster Backups for Nutanix AHV – With Nutanix AHV, customers may now select particular disks to exclude from backups, allowing them to safeguard only the vital and required data while saving time and space. The whole Nutanix AHV backup link may also be provided via a separate and segregated iSCSI Data Services network to minimize network traffic and add an extra degree of protection.

Multi-Factor Authentication, Sensitive Data Discovery

Security operations teams can now recover from attacks quicker and lower the risk of reinfection thanks to Rubrik’s easy UI support and API Driven connectors, including Palo Alto Networks’ Cortex XSOAR – an extended security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) platform.

Rubrik continues to improve its Zero Trust Data Security to satisfy the demands of ransomware protection and recovery. For example, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) may be implemented worldwide throughout the platform to prevent unauthorized users from accessing data.

Rubrik is also adding about 60 pre-defined analyzers to its Sensitive Data Discovery service, which can automatically detect and categorize new data types, including some forms of Personal Identifiable Information (PII). The ability to discover sensitive business and customer information across environments without affecting production can help decrease data risk by estimating possible harm from an exfiltration attack.