Running a Hybrid Cloud Renderfarm on GCP (Cloud Next ’18)

For large studios with significant on-premise hardware investment, GCP provides a cost beneficial, scalable resource for burst rendering as a seamless extension of your existing environment. In this session you’ll learn hear how Sony Imageworks deploys a hybrid render farm on GCP utilizing the Cue 3 render manager and the benefits of cloud. Cue 3 is a recently open sourced solution from Sony Imageworks which has been successfully used to manage tens of thousands of jobs and hundreds of thousands of cores across a mixed rendering environment for large feature film projects. We’ll discuss best practices for secure integration with storage options, cost controls and project/asset management systems enabling a unified hybrid pipeline and discuss the vision for Cue 3 as a render manager available to the VFX community.


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Duration: 47:9
Publisher: Google Cloud
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