Running and Maintaining Go Serverless Applications (Cloud Next '19)

Serverless allows you to write code without worrying about infrastructure or scaling. Go is perfect for cloud applications because of its efficiency, portability, and fast learning curve. You’re wondering which serverless option is right for your Go application and how you’ll be able to maintain and debug it in the future.

In this session, you’ll learn about App Engine, Cloud Functions, & newer serverless offerings and how to use them in Go. You’ll also learn about how to use OpenCensus and Stackdriver to monitor, trace, and debug your application. By the end, you will know where to run your Go application and how to keep it available for your users.

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Speaker(s): Tyler Bui-Palsulich,

Session ID: SVR204
product:Cloud Run,Cloud Functions; fullname:Tyler Bui-Palsulich;

Duration: 00:42:22
Publisher: Google Cloud
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