SaaS Provider MediaFiler Selects ITB2’s Data Centers in the Netherlands to Collocate Its IT Infrastructure

Media Asset Management (MAM) platform MediaFiler has selected ITB2 Datacenters in the Netherlands to collocate its IT infrastructure. MediaFiler has moved its IT assets to ITB2’s NEN- 7510-certified colocation data center in Apeldoorn. NEN 7510 is a standard for safe handling of data within healthcare. ITB2’s alternative data center in Deventer, located about 14 kilometers away from the primary site, will help meet MediaFiler’s disaster recovery data center needs.

“NEN 7510 is in much demand of hospitals and other healthcare institutions,” said Berry Uilkema, CEO of MediaFiler, a company with a global customer base and Dutch healthcare clients including VUmc, Albert Schweitzer Hospital, and Máxima Medical Center. “Next to basic certifications such as ISO 9001 and ISO 27001, NEN 7510 data center compliance is a specific requirement set by these organizations. As we were looking for a new colocation partner, I searched online for a Tier 3, NEN 7510-certified colocation provider with an alternative site for backup purposes. Energy-efficiency was also an important requirement for selecting the new colocation partner. It turned out that ITB2 Datacenters is one of the few data centers in the Netherlands meeting all those requirements.”

colocation netherlands mediafilerFor more information about ITB2 Datacenters and its carrier-neutral colocation services, visit their website:

MediaFiler is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for centralized management of organizations’ media files. Traditionally referred to as a media library, nowadays it’s also known as a Media Asset Management (MAM) platform. On the MAM Platform customers can store and retrieve files ranging from photos and videos to PDF files and corporate identity documents. Offering advanced management options, MediaFiler delivers its services to organizations including universities, hospitals, municipalities, and energy companies.

For more information about MediaFiler, visit their website:

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MediaFiler’s main IT infrastructure is collocated in ITB2’s highly secured data center in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands, including the company’s servers and network equipment. The IT infrastructure has been deployed and managed by MediaFiler’s own engineers. ITB2’s secondary data center in Deventer – at 14 kilometers distance – serves as a backup environment to create maximum redundancy while ensuring MediaFiler’s business continuity.

MediaFiler’s SaaS platform provides services to customers across Europe and beyond, among which also Central and South America. The company’s customer base not only includes hospitals and other healthcare institutions but also organizations like Bayer, Endesa Energía in Italy, RTV Espagne in Spain and Landschaftsverband Rheinland in Germany, to name a few.

itb2 datacenter apeldoorn
ITB2’s energy-efficient data center in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands is fully powered by wind energy (WaarborgWind) and has a calculated PUE of 1,07.

“The connectivity available with true global reach, and also the speed and stability of the Internet connections provided where decisive for choosing ITB2’s colocation services,” added Mr. Uilkema. “With ITB2, we’ve been able to deploy a dedicated Internet connection providing our platform with superb performance. To ensure high availability of our SaaS solution at all times, we maintain and monitor the servers ourselves. One of our engineers is continuously fine-tuning the solution which provides amazing overall results in terms of speed.”


Featuring high energy-efficiency, low energy consumption and low emissions, ITB2’s data centers also meet MediaFiler’s CSR and cost-eficiency requirements. ITB2’s data center in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands has a calculated Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of 1,07 – which is extremely energy-efficient. Furthermore, Scholt Energy provides the facility with 100 percent renewable energy (WaarborgWind) which is officially accompanied by an Ecolabel.

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