SanDisk Unveils Four New SATA SSDs for Cloud Hosting Based Applications

SanDisk Corporation, (NASDAQ: SNDK), a global supplier of flash storage solutions, has announced four new additions to its CloudSpeed Serial ATA (SATA) product family. The new CloudSpeed SSDs are optimized for demanding transaction processing and content repository workloads for enterprise applications and cloud hosting based applications.

ssd-cloud-hostingThe four new additions to SanDisk’s SSD product family include: the CloudSpeed Extreme, CloudSpeed Ultra, CloudSpeed Ascend and CloudSpeed Eco.

The new SanDisk CloudSpeed SSDs are designed to deliver business-critical performance for the mixed-use, read and write-intensive application workloads that have become increasingly prominent in today’s enterprises and cloud hosting environments.

SanDisk’s CloudSpeed SATA SSD product family offers the following range of endurance and performance capabilities:

  • CloudSpeed Extreme – This high-endurance SSD would achieve up to 10 full capacity DWPD with a 5 year warranty and deliver up to 75K/25K IOPS of random read/write performance for write-intensive application workloads such as Database Logging and High Performance Computing (HPC). It comes in capacities ranging from 100GB to 800GB and supports up to 14.6 Petabytes Written (PBW) to the drive over its life.
  • CloudSpeed Ultra – This high-performance drive would achieve up to 3 full DWPD with a 5 year warranty and is optimized for mixed-use application workloads such as Online Transaction Processing (OLTP), Financial Transactions, Email/Messaging, E-Commerce, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Collaboration. The CloudSpeed Ultra is offered in capacities ranging from 200GB to 800GB, and delivers up to 80K/25K random read/write IOPS and supports up to 4.4 PBW.
  • CloudSpeed Ascend – This high-end drive is designed for read-intensive application workloads such as File Servers, Web-based Applications and Virtual Tape Libraries (VTL). The CloudSpeed Ascend comes in capacities ranging from 240GB to 960GB, achieves up to 1 full DWPD with a 5 year warranty, delivers up to 80K/15K IOPS and supports up to 1.8 PBW.
  • CloudSpeed Eco – SanDisk’s entry-level SSD is designed for read-intensive application workloads such as Web Servers, Web 2.0 Content Repositories, Photo Sharing, Media Streaming, Video on Demand (VOD) and Cloud Hosting. The CloudSpeed Eco comes in capacities from 240GB to 960GB, would achieve up to 1 full DWPD with a 3 year warranty, deliver up to 450/400 MB/s of sustained read/write performance and 80k/15k read/write IOPS and support up to 1.0PBW.