SAP Announces Plans to Create Industry-specific Cloud Hosting Services

SAP has announced plans to launch industry-specific cloud hosting solutions intended to run on SAP Cloud powered by SAP HANA. SAP plans to co-innovate with customers and partners to deliver industry-specific solutions expected to rapidly proliferate across the 25 industries SAP serves.

sap-cloudTo meet the goal set by the vendor, SAP has created a dedicated Industry Cloud organization, led by Simon Paris, in which the company’s historic industry strength will be used to develop prescriptive, industry-based cloud road maps that will help simplify and transform businesses. Paris is currently Global Head of Strategic Industries at SAP and responsible for SAP’s footprint in financial industries.

In the industry cloud model, partners and customers are envisioned to co-innovate with SAP on industry cloud offerings. These industry cloud solutions are anticipated to offer customers specialized, next-generation business processes and intuitive interfaces that can be easily and quickly deployed across a public cloud hosting, private cloud or hybrid cloud infrastructure, depending on which model best serves the customer’s needs.

Focus on business issues

“Working in industries with highly specialized challenges, we will focus on our customers’ most relevant business problems and then work creatively and collaboratively to develop industry cloud hosting solutions,” said Simon Paris. “With SAP’s proven integration, consistency and coherency across all lines of business, mobile, analytics and technology, we are primed to deliver the deepest and broadest industry cloud hosting solutions in the world, offering tremendous value to our significant customer base, our-ever growing number of new SAP customers and the global SAP ecosystem.”

The industry verticals served by SAP include: Chemicals, Financial Services, Healthcare, Higher Education & Research, Industrial Machinery and Components, Professional Services, Public Services, Retail, Sports, and Travel & Transportation.

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