Say hello to ML training in VR

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Did you know that you can train your ML models in VR? In this video, we demo how you can use Google Cloud’s AI Platform and the Auto ML Object Detection tool to build fast, high-accuracy custom models to classify images on the conveyor belt. Moreover, we’ll also show you how you can deploy these ML models to a VR environment using Tensorflow. Watch to learn how you can use machine learning and virtual reality to improve your enterprises workflows!

0:00 – Intro
1:23 – Gathering training data
2:02 – working with AutoML interface
3:30 – Deploying Tensorflow lite model to factory floor
4:00 – Conclusion

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product: Google Cloud AI Platform, Tensorflow, Auto ML; fullname: Stephanie Wong, Zack Akil;

Duration: 00:04:36
Publisher: Google Cloud
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