Scala Data Centers Opens 18MW Vertical Data Center in São Paulo, Brazil

Scala Data Centers - SP4_Fachada

SGRUTB04, the latest facility launched by Scala Data Centers, is one of the largest vertical data centers in Latin America. With almost 140,000 square feet of total built area, the new data center at the Tamboré Campus in São Paulo, Brazil has a total capacity of 18MW. The new data center goes into service dedicated to a single hyperscale cloud client, with a commitment to full capacity for more than a decade.

This brand-new Scala data center has seven floors and a height of 56 meters, four of which are dedicated to data halls with a combined capacity of more than 1,500 racks. The single-tenant data center was built in accordance with the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification, which focuses on environmentally friendly architecture.

The SGRUTB04 data center features an indirect free cooling system, a redundant UPS system, a high energy efficiency, and one of the lowest PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) values in the area. Additionally, SGRUTB04 has a dock, a storage space, a customer-only office, and meet-me rooms.

“Latin America’s largest vertical data center, SGRUTB04, is an excellent example of Scala’s multi-build approach. With this, we introduce the concept of built-in reserved capacity, bringing unprecedented scalability to the Latin American sector. This approach allows our clients to grow their business in a sustainable way and in record time for decades,” said Marcos Peigo, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Scala. “SGRUTB04 materializes Scala’s successful commercial strategy, in which the client employed the reserved capacity, doubling the contracted capacity even before the initially planned production start date. Unlike the market in general, Scala does not just deliver contractual commitments; we actually invest in our clients, positioning ourselves as true partners.”

Tamboré Campus São Paulo, Brazil

Scala Data Centers CEO - Marcos Peigo
“Latin America’s largest vertical data center, SGRUTB04, is an excellent example of Scala’s multi-build approach,” said Marcos Peigo, CEO at Scala.

One Scala Template, a proprietary construction approach created by Scala’s Center of Excellence in Engineering (CoE) specifically to suit the needs of the hyperscale industry, was used by Scala to construct SGRUTB04. The CoE, according to Scala a first-of-its-kind initiative in Latin America, is made up of a team of professionals in charge of new data center design, project management, construction, and commissioning. Verticalizing all stages would shorten delivery times, ensure consistency boosting scalability, while enabling high levels of personalization and commitment to projects.

Scala’s CoE, comprised of more than 150 professionals, develops innovative technologies to increase the efficiency of building and running data centers. These professionals include architects, engineers, and experts in construction, design, and commissioning.

With the delivery of the SGRUTB04 data center, Scala now has five operational data centers, three of which are on the Tamboré Campus, one in the heart of São Paulo, and one in Campinas, Greater São Paulo. In addition to these data centers, the company is still moving forward with its accelerated expansion plan and has new projects in the works, like the SGRUTB05, which will have a capacity of 10MW and is targeted for early 2023 operations, and the SGRUTB06, which has a capacity of 28MW and is targeted for early 2024.

Scala claims the Tamboré Campus will become the largest data center complex in Latin America and one of the largest worldwide, with 90MW of hired capacity and 170MW of capacity contractually reserved for hyperscale cloud clients. The firm also develops projects in Brazil in the cities of Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre, Jundia, Campinas, and Fortaleza, all of which are anchored by hyperscale clients. Scala plans to build data centers in Chile, Mexico, Colombia, and Peru, among other countries in this region.