ScaleFlux Releases Global Partner Program

ScaleFlux storage

ScaleFlux, enabling the deployment of SSDs with computational storage at scale, has released its ScaleFlux Partner Program. Best-in-class solutions, enablement and support, a unique partner site, and financial incentives are among the partner program’s features, which are divided into three tiers: Registered, Advanced, and Premium.

Organizations would require ways to deal with data expansion without jeopardizing performance or durability. According to ScaleFlux, traditional flash storage cannot keep up with current workloads, especially as data-driven 5G and IoT activities continue to rise exponentially.

“Essential to the optimization of data center architecture, ScaleFlux is building a better SSD to cope with accelerating data growth by embedding computational storage technology directly into flash drives,” said Rob Wilson, Vice President of Sales at ScaleFlux. “And as supply chain shortages for drives continue to cause headaches, the ScaleFlux Partner Program opens access to the world’s leading experts in Computational Storage.”

“We’re excited to move into the channel and work with partners to connect customers with the benefits of Computational Storage,” added Mr. Wilson. “This is critical for ScaleFlux to maintain its global growth.”

Partner Support by ScaleFlux

ScaleFlux’s seasoned team of professionals improving data center designs for current high-performance applications will be available to partners through the ScaleFlux Partner Program.

“With the offering of ScaleFlux CSD 2000 and Supermicro FatTwin bundle to our customers for Redis-on-Flash deployments, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive on the enhanced scalability and performance,” said Joel Wineland, CTO at Racklive, the data center division of ASA Computers. “We’re excited to be part of the ScaleFlux Partner Program. Our experience working with the ScaleFlux team has made it easy to let our customers leverage the tremendous benefits of computational storage technology for better business growth.”