ScaleFlux’s Computational Storage Now Available on Packet’s Bare Metal Cloud

packetThe ScaleFlux CSS 1000 ‘computational storage’ solution is now available through Packet’s global bare-metal cloud offering. With access to ScaleFlux Computational Storage in select Packet configurations, customers would be able to deploy ScaleFlux’s unique flash technology in minutes. It would significantly improve performance for transactional and analytical database applications.

A well-funded startup founded in 2014, ScaleFlux claims to deliver the foundation for modern data center infrastructure providing “responsive performance, affordable scaling, and an agile platform” at scale for data-driven, compute and storage I/O intensive applications.

“As deployment ramps for ScaleFlux Computational Storage, our customers are demanding the flexibility to consume our product both on-prem and in the cloud,” said Iqbal Bhalwani, VP of Global Sales for ScaleFlux. “With their global reach, strong enterprise experience and flexible deployment model, we’re delighted to partner with Packet to extend the accessibility of our transformative Computational Storage technology.”

Bare Metal Cloud

Packet, a bare metal cloud provider also founded in 2014 and backed by SoftBank, provides automated access to its physical server infrastructure. The first deployment of ScaleFlux Computational Storage is based on Packet’s m2.xlarge configuration with dual Xeon Gold 5120s, 384GB DRAM, and two ScaleFlux CSS 1000 U.2 3.2TB drives. Any Linux-based application could immediately take advantage of the CSS 1000 “low-latency” flash storage. Popular database and big data applications can further benefit from hardware-accelerated compression and erasure coding.

“We’ve created an easy-to-use cloud infrastructure experience for innovators that are looking to get top application level performance by leveraging cutting-edge hardware-accelerated solutions,” said Jacob Smith, SVP of Engagement and a co-founder at Packet. “Enabling developer-style access to ScaleFlux’s Computational Storage solution fits right into this theme and we’re excited to be the first cloud provider to offer this technology.”