ScaleGrid Now Supports “High-Performance” MongoDB Clusters on Microsoft Azure

ScaleGrid (, a fully managed MongoDB and Redis database-as-a-service solution, now supports dedicated high-performance MongoDB clusters on Microsoft Azure. ScaleGrid handles all aspects of database management including creation, backup, restore, scale, performance monitoring, upgrade, patching, et cetera.

mongodb databases“We have seen consistent demand from our customers for high performance MongoDB clusters using premium disks on Azure,” said Dharshan Rangegowda, founder & CEO of ScaleGrid. “With our latest release customers can get access to a high performance configuration with a single click. You still have access to the full suite of ScaleGrid tools for provisioning, scale, monitoring, alerts, patching and upgrade.”

Key features of ScaleGrid platform for MongoDB on Microsoft Azure would include the following:

  • Bring your own Azure account – Host with ScaleGrid or bring an own Azure account. Leverage Azure credits to host database servers.
  • “Premium” disk support – Configure MongoDB clusters to use Microsoft Azure “premium” disks for high performance
  • VNET support – Deploy MongoDB servers in public/private subnets of VNET
  • Full admin access to the entire setup – Full admin access to MongoDB and the underlying machine
  • Encryption at rest – All MongoDB data persisted on disk can be ‘Encrypted at rest’. If this feature is turned on all backups are encrypted as well.
  • Cross Datacenter setup options – Distribute MongoDB servers across data centers to handle uptime needs.