ScaleOut StateServer Version 5.1 Extends In-Memory Data Grid With C++ APIs

in-memory-data-gridScaleOut Software, a provider of in-memory data grids (IMDGs), has announced the availability of ScaleOut StateServer Version 5.1. The latest version includes C++ APIs, additional solutions on Amazon Web Services (AWS), a Windows version of ScaleOut hServer, performance improvements in data management, and SSL support for enhanced security.

As an in-memory data grid (IMDG) product, ScaleOut’s StateServer enables applications to seamlessly scale performance to handle increasing workloads and provide real-time analytics.

New features in ScaleOut StateServer Version 5.1 include:

  • Open Source C++ APIs – The addition of C++ APIs enables C++ applications to take advantage of the full range of ScaleOut StateServer’s feature set. These open source APIs enable fully parallel, property-based query and make use of Google protocol buffers to simplify the management of data serialization.
  • ScaleOut GeoServer and ScaleOut hServer available through Amazon Web Services – ScaleOut GeoServer, which enables the seamless combination of in-memory data grids across multiple sites into a single virtual data grid, and ScaleOut hServer, the industry-leading in-memory execution engine for Hadoop MapReduce, will now be available in the AWS Marketplace. These offerings are the latest additions to the usage-based licensing of ScaleOut’s in-memory products on AWS.
  • Enhancements to underlying architecture – Version 5.1 releases major enhancements to the underlying IMDG architecture, including a 5X faster transport for load-balancing data between servers and a new implementation of adaptive heart beating for greater resiliency in virtual server environments.
  • SSL support – Version 5.1 also enables the optional use of SSL-based security for client connections and data replication between sites, making it easy to encrypt data moving across networks for enhanced security.