ScaleXtreme Releases New Cloud Management Product

cloud-hosting-management-scalextremeScaleXtreme, provider of enterprise-grade cloud-management solutions, has announced general availability of its new Advanced Cloud Management product, including a new workflow and orchestration system, autoscaling, multi-cloud management capabilities, and cloud access control.

ScaleXtreme Advanced Cloud Management has been in early access use with Fortune 500 customers deploying complex applications and central IT control over their public cloud hosting deployments; including on Amazon Web Services, Terremark Enterprise Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.

ScaleXtreme’s Advanced Cloud Management product is fully integrated with the company’s existing server management capabilities, including server and application monitoring, patch management, and job automation. This would give customers the broadest set of server, application and service management capabilities in a single platform.

The ScaleXtreme Enterprise Platform would provide the following capabilities:

  • Enables the creation, deployment and management of enterprise cloud applications across private, public and hybrid cloud environments.
  • Provides autoscaling capability of cloud applications across clouds.
  • Enforces access control, governance, and compliance to multiple cloud environments.
  • Empowers business users with self-service access to enterprise cloud applications and services, on demand.
  • Provides server management capabilities such as monitoring, patch management, provisioning and automation.

Enterprises are at various stages of building and adopting private cloud and public cloud hosting infrastructure – a majority are still running internal virtualized infrastructure, according to ScaleXtreme. The software provider, headquartered in San Mateo, California, enables these organizations to immediately manage their existing infrastructure, and gradually re-architect or port their applications to take advantage of public and private cloud capabilities, such as elastic capacity and having a single application spanning multiple clouds.